25 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Use Facebook For Business

Does your business have a Facebook page?

How do you utilize it to help grow the business? Using the right strategies and being specific with your target audience can help you take advantage of the platform.

We asked entrepreneurs and business how they use Facebook for business and here are the responses.

#1- Three ways

Photo Credit: Apryl Boyle

I've been using Facebook for my business to increase awareness, as a location for my audience to engage with the brand, and to – now – focus on spreading my now non-profit's message. I love the auto-responding feature that allows you to immediately reply to those that contact you. Another favorite is the ability to hyper-target ads. I also use it to increase my presence across other platforms. One thing I assure also is that the content is unique to Facebook. The only time I cross-post from another platform is when it's press we have received or when I appear on television.

Thanks to Apryl Boyle, El Porto Shark!

#2- Build brand awareness and inject humanity into the business

Photo Credit: Lauren Pope

The key to using Facebook for business is to use it to build your brand awareness and inject humanity into your business. Social media is SOCIAL first and too many business owners get stuck in the rut of only pushing product. People want to know who they're doing business with before they buy anything. I've seen how letting loose on social media and being more human can directly impact sales and growth.

Thanks to Lauren Pope, G2!

#3- Livestream workshops

Photo Credit: Hannah Dixon

I run a niche Facebook group for location independent virtual assistants (VAs) where I regularly do livestream workshops in a webinar-style and have created a raving community through daily engagement practices. I also run an entirely free 5 Day VA ‘Challenge' via a secret group and take participants from A-Z of setting up the basics of a virtual assistant business with a ‘pinned post' for each day's video and assignments. At the end of the challenge, I again do a livestream or two where I successfully sell my VA training program. I accompany the challenge materials in the group with a chat bot that sends reminders to participants and helps me with the sales process. This is be far my biggest and most successful avenue of income with over 8000 students from 80+ countries having gone through this.

Thanks to Hannah Dixon, Digital Nomad Kit Ltd!

#4- Run advertisements

Photo Credit: David Roberson

I have running advertisements on Facebook to promote my books which I give away for free. In return people downloading my books get on my email list. From my email list I send out an evergreen article every 3-4 weeks which are relevant to my business and keep my audience engaged in what I am doing. I've built a database of several thousand names using this strategy.

Thanks to David Roberson, Silicon Valley Property Mgmt Group!

#5-Reach out to companies

Photo Credit: Uri Abramson

One hack I use a lot is to reach out to companies I am trying to get a hold of via the Send Us a Message button on Facebook. From my experience, you are much more likely to get a quick and even sometimes an immediate response from the company you are trying to reach. This is far better than reaching out using the normal support@ email or a contact us form on the company's website. In addition, if you're in luck, doing it this way will get you higher up the ladder and instead of starting the conversation with a support representative, you will directly reach the marketing or even business team.

Thanks to Uri Abramson,!

#6- Two ways

Photo Credit: Amy McCord Jones

I use Facebook for reviews and to show off my customer's work! Flower Moxie is an online business that sells flowers to DIY brides; therefore, we get a lot of happy brides sending in their wedding photos to show what they created. Facebook is a great platform to brag and give shout-outs, which they love. Reviews are also a meaningful way to establish legitimacy in the business world. I always feel leary about businesses that turn off the review function.

Thanks to Amy McCord Jones, Flower Moxie!

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#7- Communicate, connect, and collaborate

Photo Credit: Luly B.

I am in the business of empowering women with perspective, inspiration, resources, love and accountability so they can create a career and life they love. So for me, Facebook is essential for my brand and business. I use it to communicate, connect, and collaborate with badass businesswomen that are doing amazing things in their communities. Sharing their stories with my community and sharing events where we can all meet up and discuss life as moms, wives, business owners, etc.

Thanks to  Luly B. 

#8- Nurturing and building a community

Photo Credit: Troy Sandidge

Since the majority of people have Facebook, as it is almost a guaranteed standard social account most people have, we capitalize on that fact by producing long-form content to present ourselves to our audience as a knowledge base while also cultivating an environment for discussions. As a creative agency, we use Facebook primarily for many of our clients to engage in a social style drip campaign which is 85% providing valuable content and 15% pointing toward a solution, product, or service our clients can offer to the targeted audience. Facebook is the central hub for us in our social media framework with Instagram and Twitter pointing to Facebook. By directing the viewer to Facebook, our audience can enjoy a plethora of knowledge not limited by characters in posts as well as a variety of content being long-form video, pictures, polls, Facebook Live, and Facebook Stories. While capitalizing on Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads to increase brand reach and awareness, our goal is to grow our community and page likes and ultimately drive them to a landing page or contact us directly to do business whether for our clients or us.

Thanks to Troy Sandidge, Nex Gen Dynamics!

#9- Several ways

Photo Credit: Devin Beverage

I use Facebook for a lot! I have a messenger bot on my the business page for my digital agency that I use to collect subscribers who I’ll later broadcast special exclusive information to – like actionable small business tips and limited time deals. I also design and run ad campaigns for my own business and on behalf of clients. In addition, whenever I get press attention, such as a blog mention or going on the radio, I post it through my personal, public, and business facebook pages. I also provide tips and commentary on small business strategy on all three of my pages.

Thanks to Devin Beverage, DevBev Co.!

#10- Promote our business

Photo Credit: Mark Miller

We use Facebook in a traditional, but unique way to promote our business. We post regularly, and use our page to highlight events, as most companies do. But primarily we share articles about Florida Man types and generally make as many pun-filled comments and sarcastic remarks as possible in order to drive engagement and sharing.

Thanks to Mark Miller, Jordan Law!

#11- Three ways

Photo Credit: Sandra Magura

Not only do I have clients write reviews of me but I also post about the jobs I do with pictures and text. This helps anyone see that I am current on my organizing abilities and with one pictures can see a before and after. I also advertise for free every Monday on our community county page of over 20K members. This is a great way to do some free advertising directly to my area. I also add events that I am hosting or co-hosting so that others can see. One more thing I do is use Facebook as a search method for other business…for example I can do a random search for anyone who is asking about professional organizers and write them directly about my business.

Thanks to Sandra Magura, Foundation Organizing!

#13- As an advertising platform

Photo Credit: Jeff Loehr

Facebook is an advertising platform. Hundreds of millions of users provide great detail about their lives to Facebook. This is better, more specific and more targeted than any medium has ever been. So we use it as an advertising platform. We create highly targeted ads that reach exactly the prospects that our clients are looking for. We guide them into a funnel then start communicating with them either using Facebook messenger or e-mail. The type of follow up depends heavily on the market and your target. This works really well for any business that is targeting middle aged people and up.

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Thanks to Jeff Loehr, Engage Marketing!

#14- Generate leads

Photo Credit: Sandip Banerjee

We are using Facebook to generate leads for our conversion optimization business. We use Facebook as secondary lead funnel to generate targeted quality leads by providing motivation (for example free gifts) to users. After working on Facebook marketing since 2012 and spending thousands we found the most effective strategy to generate quality leads from Facebook advertisement is through proper audience creation, chat bots and remarketing. We need to consider Facebook users’ behaviour (casual users) is different from SERP users while planning for Facebook advertisement. Smart email marketing with Facebook advertisement can generate low cost real leads for an ongoing basis.

Thanks to Sandip Banerjee, Web3Solution!

#15- Develop trust and a relationship with readers

Photo Credit: Alexis Schroeder

Facebook has been key for growing my business. With Facebook groups, I've created a community of people who want to start a side hustle or online business. Facebook groups allow interactions with my readers that I wouldn't get otherwise, while also allowing my group members to talk to others and share questions or tips regarding side hustles or online businesses. With this community, I can develop trust and a relationship
with my readers in a unique way.

Thanks to Alexis Schroeder, FITnancials!

#16- Market research and driving traffic

Photo Credit: Andrew Maffettone

Building an audience on Facebook has become more and more difficult as they limit some targeting with their ads platform and as the algorithm changes. We've found the most success driving traffic to Facebook Groups where not only can we control the conversation but we can also utilize these groups as market research to ask existing customers what we should or shouldn't do next. Of course, Messenger marketing is getting more and more popular as well so if you're unable to build a Facebook Group, this is another great way to build subscribers and speak with them as well.

Thanks to Andrew Maffettone, Seller's Choice!

#17- Content marketing strategy

Photo Credit: Karen Grill

Facebook is a one part of my overall content marketing strategy for attracting new leads and converting them into clients. On my Facebook Page, I may share a training or masterclass with a call to action to join my Facebook Group. In my Facebook group I continue to provide articles, videos, and opportunities for collaboration to create a community of like-minded individuals. From the group, I may share information about one of my free optins, and once they sign up I can nurture them on my email list. Also from my Facebook Page I may talk about a blog post and link to my website, which again provides me an opportunity to join my list. Overall, I try to create a variety of touch points for potential customers, one being Facebook, so that they can learn more about me and the services I provide.

Thanks to Karen Grill, Second Act Moms!

#18- Deliver online trainings effectively

Photo Credit: Robyn Mancell

We use Facebook for business to keep our students together in groups for our online training. It helps to only have to deliver the message one time and allow them to make comments/questions that we can get to quickly. Facebook groups has been a great tool for us in communication.

Thanks to Robyn Mancell, Girls Gone Forex!

#19- Business growth

Photo Credit: Tae Lee

Facebook is the new wave and continuously growing platform for business owners. Facebook has allowed our company to get noticed and take the business to the next level. We use Facebook strategically and implement strategies that allow our business to grow one follower at a time. Even though it can be used for personal, business growth alone can take you from one dollar to six figures. Investing in ads, paying attention to consumer requests, and constantly being intentionally focused has allowed us to use Facebook to its full potential.

Thanks to Tae Lee- Never Go Broke

#20- Business exposure and searching for RFPs/RFQs

Photo Credit: Clare Bittourna

Here at Codal, a UX design agency in Chicago, we use Facebook for business in a few simple, but effective ways. We rely heavily on Facebook as an important social media tool to get more business exposure; we post regularly and post engaging social content. High-quality content is what generates followers to share, like, and comment so it’s crucial to post what will entertain and educate your audience. Another way that we use Facebook for business is by searching for RFPs/RFQs as they relate to website design, mobile app development, UX/UI and respond to them by submitting our proposal.

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Thanks to Clare Bittourna, Codal!

#21- Provide better customer service

Photo Credit: Charlotte Ang

Our company uses Facebook messenger to provide better customer service and to increase our conversion rate. The default live chat on our website is Facebook messenger, so that website visitors seeking for help can chat with us instantly and get their queries answered. On top of that, we do not have to worry about getting disconnected since we are connected to their Facebook accounts. Facebook messenger has enabled us to provide superior customer service and be known for our reliability, leading to an increase in sales.

Thanks to Charlotte Ang, Legend Age Lipstick!

#22- Bring talents and businesses together

Photo Credit: Catherine vanVonno

As a virtual assistant company, we have Facebook to thank for connecting us to so many professional and competent VAs around the globe. Many of these VAs have found our job listings on Facebook, and they eventually became part of our company, allowing us to help small and medium businesses scale in a cost-efficient way. Facebook has also provided us a platform where we can get in touch with potential clients, who wish to inquire and avail our virtual staffing services. To us, Facebook has become an important platform that helps us bring talents and businesses together.

Thanks to Catherine vanVonno, 20Four7VA!

#23- One-stop solution to customer queries

Photo Credit: Jitesh Keswani

I use Facebook to highlight the company milestones, use as a knowledge sharing platform and connect with my followers. The activities on my Facebook page aims to be a one-stop solution to customer queries, and they look up to us for availing services. The posts of my Facebook page are focused to engage my audience and to make my business seem more “human”.

Thanks to Jitesh Keswani, e intelligence!

#24- Organic engagement and visibility

Photo Credit: Lukas Duszynski

Being an online store with over 1.8 million followers on Facebook, our company can't ignore this social networking service. Our business page continues to be popular and maintains a relatively high organic engagement rate. However, employing paid advertising proves to be crucial for maintaining visibility. It is also a remarkably effective way to reach customers and prospects. Utilizing Facebook paid ads we build campaigns that target both existing customers and those not yet familiar with our assortment. We run two types of campaigns: those created around our current promotions, such as sales, special offers etc., but also with a focus purely on brand awareness. Here it is impossible to underestimate the importance of Dynamic Ads and the opportunities brought by detailed Custom Audiences in attracting valuable customers.

Thanks to Lukas Duszynski, Military 1st!

#25- Recruitment tool

Photo Credit: Steve Lowisz

Facebook is a part of several different processes here at Qualigence. However, we also use it as a recruitment tool. On top of identifying candidates, Facebook is a great place to engage in conversations and build relationships with candidates. I join a lot of different Facebook groups relevant to our target industries, where I ask questions and participate in discussions. In doing so, I learn what's important to candidates in a given field and demonstrate my expertise to build credibility. We find candidates are much more likely to respond to someone they're familiar with and find credible – and our response rates have increased from 10% to 60% as a result.

Thanks to Steve Lowisz, Qualigence International!

How do you use Facebook for business? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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