17 Business Tips & Lessons from the Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf

You’ve heard you are what you eat, well we believe that you are what you read. Teach a CEO presents lessons from our bookshelf on how you can improve and grow your venture. We have taken nuggets from our library and provide them for entrepreneurs and business owners.

  1. There are three ways to educate your audience in an informational post: (1) Introduce your audience to new terms, concepts, ideas and resources (2) Add new twists to old topics (3) Put an engaging spin on an otherwise boring topic. (62 Blog Posts to Overcome)
  2. I had learned over the years that teams tend to create more value than individuals. I knew that trust was the key to finding the right people for my team. This was an important factor as I searched for people with competencies that would balance out and add strength to my own. (The Purpose is Profit)
  3. …the fact is, creativity, like any skill, can be cultivated. It takes a healthy combination of focused commitment and strength training, knowledge and stamina. (Creative Strength Training)
  4. Meaningful work provides personal meaning, reflecting who you are and what your interests are; allows you to share your gifts to help others; provides a community of believers that will support your dreams; and is financially viable give your desired lifestyle. (The Quarter-Life Breakthrough)
  5. One of the primary functions of a blog is to educate your audience. Blogging can position you as a resource, which helps build your expert status and credibility. (62 Blog Posts to Overcome)
  6. On an airplane they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping the person next to you. It's a good life strategy. Engage your rebel energy and protect the time that isn't co-opted by higher priorities. Even a brief stint in the studio has the potential to be a great stint in the studio. You just have to open the door and walk in the room. (Creative Strength Training)
  7. Don't confuse a passion project with building a business around your distinctive competence. (The Purpose is Profit)
  8. Be patient and focused. Once you find a mentor, the results probably won't happen immediately. Listen to what your mentor says and put it into action. If you consistently apply the principles taught to you, over time you will see results. (Mentor: The Kid & The CEO)
  9. Rather than a sign of encouragement or motivation, fear all too often becomes a red light that puts the brakes on the very ideas, goals, and journeys that are right for us. Try shifting your perspective to view fear as a green light, an indicator that you're moving in the right direction. (The Quarter-Life Breakthrough)
  10. Guest posts are win-wins for the blog owner and the guest blogger. As the guest blogger, you are expanding your reach by sharing your stories, experience, and lessons with a different audience. You are also giving the site owner a break, which is always appreciated. Also the audience of the hosting blog gets to hear different voices and perspectives. (62 Blog Posts to Overcome)
  11. If you're not sure what your purpose is now, I recommend that you do what Ryan did. Instead of trying to find your purpose, learn your purpose. Take action. Explore your talents. Pay attention to what you see and how it makes you feel. Pay attention when your motivations start to change. Don't be afraid to try new things. Be willing to reinvent yourself… Anything is possible if you are bold enough to learn your own life's mission. (The Quarter-Life Breakthrough)
  12. Do you remember what you looked like when you got out of jail? You looked like you'd never lifted anything heavier than a toothbrush. Now you've got those muscles because you've been using them. Your brain is the same way. If you use it, it will grow and you will become more valuable. (Mentor: The Kid & The CEO)
  13. Interviews are an excellent way to (1) Give exposure to people who are just starting out (2) Speak with experts in an industry (3) Talk to someone just because (4) Provide a platform to share unheard voices, thoughts, and opinions. (62 Blog Posts to Overcome)
  14. Focusing on one area doesn't preclude ever being interested in others. It just means that for some length of time you've chosen intentionally to work within limits. (Creative Strength Training)
  15. Learning to balance this tension between the fire that burns within your heart and the practical voice inside your head is what make you a breakthrough hustler. (The Quarter-Life Breakthrough)
  16. You need to produce high-quality content that motivates your target customers to engage with you and your company. (The Purpose is Profit)
  17. Mentoring is a great way to learn. You may meet someone who has a very different background than you. You will see things from a different perspective and grow from this. (Mentor: The Kid & The CEO)
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  1. Such a fantastic article. It’s great to read success stories and advice from CEO’s and entrepreneurs who are out there making it happen! This really reminded me of a fantastic business book I just read called, “Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth” by CEO and author Patrick Thean ( My favorite thing about it is that it’s an act of “paying it forward”, from someone that is already a proven success to people that are on their way up. Not only does he share his strategies that have worked but he also shares insights from hundreds of growth company clients worldwide. The book isn’t overwhelming and I found that it provides simple methods and tools to really help you plan better for your business and your employees. I can’t recommend it enough. New and seasoned business professionals alike can benefit from this book.

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