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Going to the Movies – The Micro-Moments Before Showtime [INFOGRAPHIC]

Think about the last time you got your phone out. Did you check out the closest restaurant to grab a bite to eat at? Maybe you found the closest tavern to hang with friends at. You might even have ordered food online so it would be ready when you arrived. Even going to the movies has changed from checking out showtimes in your newspaper to grabbing your phone and heading over to the local theater listings. These ‘micro-moments’ happen constantly throughout the day. It has changed the movie industry and how consumers decide when, how, and where to watch the next great movie. In 2015 alone, more than 35 million hours of movie trailers were viewed on YouTube alone. Additionally 69% of those surveyed were more likely to look at a movie trailer on YouTube to decide which movie they wanted to see in theaters. With 56% of searches related to finding or buying movie tickets via a mobile device, theaters will have to learn to market towards these micro-moments in order to bring in customers.



Source/Think with Google


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