Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic from provides tips and information for real estate agents to begin to engage in online marketing to generate more real estate prospects:

Here are some highlights:

  • Zillow is the Top Utilized Real Estate Website at 9.91% of people who use it to search for real estate.
  • “Property for sale” generates 9.14 million searches for month in the United States
  • 94 % of home buyers use the internet to search for real estate


Real Estate Marketing Infographic



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  1. Thanks for the infographic. I think it’s important to note that despite Zillow receiving what you state as around 10% of the online search volume for real estate online, the system is not always accurate and at times can be way off base. It is a good tool to get an idea of what something is worth, but nothing will ever replace an actual inspection by a trained professional.

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