Vocabulary for Entrepreneurs: Hustle

Arguably the word hustle might be one of the most polarizing terms that is used often when it comes to business and startups. Often hustle might strike images of illegal or illicit activity, that connotation does not align with the business definition of the term.

The Oxford dictionary defines hustle as (2) obtain illicitly or by forceful action. However, that is not the only way that hustle is used. From the Art of Manliness, there is the common “business” definition of hustle which relates to a very strong work ethic and ability to accomplish multitude of things.

Now, I’m not talking about hustling in the pulling-a-scam-on-the-naive-newbie sense. (Although it never hurts to have a little Fast Eddie swagger). I’m talking about the work-your-ass-off-while-your-competition-plays-Rock Band kind of hustling. Hustling=doing whatever you have to do, for however long as you have to do it, until you reach your goal.

Image Credit: @mysivana


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