Failing Gracefully: Infographic

Being an entrepreneur or small business owner can often be the most difficult thing that a person does in his or her life. To be a successful business owner is even tougher. This infographic is courtesy

Interesting statistics include:

  • Since the mid 90s, small businesses have created 60-80% of new employment
  • The average technology entrepreneur has a middle-class background, parents are less educated than they are and a spouse and children when they launch their first business
  • Historically: First-time entrepreneurs have less than a 10% chance of success. Those who have previously field have a 20% chance of success.
  • The biggest source of funding for all businesses is equal to the company founders’ personal savings: 70% said they used personal savings as the main funding for their business.
  • 98% of successful small business owners feel potential entrepreneurs are only held back by: A fear of trying and failing

Startups Infographic


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