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Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf: Import/Export Kit for Dummies

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Import/Export Kit for Dummies (2nd Edition)

  • $34.99/$21.27 on Amazon
  • 340 pages w/ a bonus CD


John J. Capela the President/Founder of CADE International and Assistant Professor of Business at St. Joseph's College.

Twitter Summary


“If you have multiple competitors in a foreign market, you may have no alternative but to reduce your export price to match the price of your competition. However, if your product is new to the market, you may be able to charge a higher price.”

“Before initiating negotiations in another country, try to identify and engage a local intermediary. This person can assist you in bridging the cultural and communications gap, enabling you to conduct business with a greater degree of effectiveness.”

“When contacting suppliers, negotiate with several firms, and don't stop negotiating after you get an initial offer from your first contact. You'll always find more than one company that can manufacture your product, and some manufactures will take a more competitive approach in negotiating with you.”

About the Book

The second edition of the Import/Export Kit for Dummies includes a CD and over 300 pages of content to get entrepreneurs and business owners ready for international trade. The book is divided into 7 sections (21 chapters) which explain how to break into the import/export business, selecting products and suppliers, identifying target markets and clients, negotiations and closing transactions, and keys to becoming a successful importer/exporter. The bonus CD includes international references and resources; applications, permits, and other government forms; business plans and agreements; and more. John J. Capela's book takes the readers hand and guide them through the nuances and complexities of not only starting and incorporating a business, but how to import and export products and/or services successfuly.


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