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How To Increase Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs generally work longer hours than employees of their own company and others.  An entrepreneur also has a difficulty walking away from “the job” at the end of the day or taking vacations.  For endurance purposes, making the work environment as comfortable as possible is important – not just ergonomically, but psychologically as well.  One way to do this is to understand your productivity style.

Productivity style is an understanding of how certain external factors affect your ability to think – stimulating it or depressing it.

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  1. This guest blog was actually written entirely by me, Alana Cash. I have never spoken to Dr. Gary Price nor emailed him. I do not know how HEARpreneur came to assign credit for this article to Dr. Price, as he had absolutely nothing to do with writing it.

  2. As an entrepreneur myself I would like to say that it is extremely important to have a good break from time to time. After I have rest and spend good time with my family I usually increase productivity in several times. So, have good rest and take a break from work periodically!

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