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How To Win (Book Review)


Title: The Winner’s Brain – 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success

Authors: Jeff Brown, Mark Fenske and Liz Neporent

Pages: 225

During a time when Charlie Sheen made the word winning popular, authors Jeff Brown, Mark Fenske and Liz Neporent take this concept a step further in their book. For entrepreneurs, this book provides 8 factors which successful people possess.  These factors are self-awareness, motivation, focus, emotional balance, memory, resilience, adaptability and brain care.  However, rather than just outline these principles, the authors devote chapters to explaining through interesting anecdotes and exercises how readers can improve each of these particular factors to become winners.  The writers are also able to explain the brain without using too many medical terms to scare away or bore the person who just wants to be successful.  This is more than just an outline of who are winners and what they do rather it is a guide and workbook which will help people attain success.  The authors don’t look at winning as something that happens by chance. They have destilled the winner’s brain down to help readers learn how to win.

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