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The Art Of Testing: Keep Testing Until You Find What Works

You just pay attention to your market and what they need. It just takes one little idea from somebody then you start mulling it over and then you start testing it out and see what people think. Testing is a requirement for entrepreneurs.  Often customers are not sure what exactly they want or don’t want in a product, so it is ...

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The Lean Startup

Book: The Lean Startup Author: Eric Ries Pages: 336 Twitter Review: Your startup is like a game of chess and The Lean Startup explores how to manage a startup in a very creative, strategic and methodical way. Review: Running a startup is more than just running blindly and throwing things against the wall hoping something will stick. In his book, ...

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Google is the New Yellow Book! SEO Tips

Google is like the new Yellow Book.  If we want to try a new Thai restaurant, we Google it.  If we are looking for an affordable Guess bag or set of golf clubs, we Google it.  If we are looking for a dog grooming service, we Google it.  If we are looking for the perfect venue to throw a birthday ...

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How Do You Pull A Struggling Company From The Grave?

Your business is on life support and you know that it is struggling.  Maybe you just started to look at the financials or you were embarrassed when you went to the bank.  What are tips that entrepreneurs can use to resuscitate and save their business from the entrepreneurial burial ground? Q: How Do You Pull A Struggling Company From The ...

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