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Brain Drain [INFOGRAPHIC] – Companies Mining for Mind Power in Silicon Valley

Companies around the world are mining for mind power in Silicon Valley. Putting it all in perspective (in the US): 462: approximate number of currently active US venture capital firms (investing at least $5 million in companies) 1,022: number of venture firms in year 2000, firms at the height of the tech bubble. $149 million: average venture fund size. $176.7 ...

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The Mind-Bending Future of Computer Science [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many entrepreneurs and business owners have a computer science background. This infographic focuses on the world that can be created by these computer specialist. While there will be a shortage in jobs there is even more opportunities to become entrepreneurs. Here are some amazing projects that may become a part of our future, thanks to computer scientists. Source: TopComputerScienceDegrees.com

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Small Business Problems [Infographic]

Did you know that the cost for small business owners to insure employees has gone up 103% in the last decade? Or that small businesses in the U.S. spend 60 billion annually on energy? Small businesses are the engine that powers the American economy, but that doesn’t mean they are free of problems. From an uncertain economy to the complexity ...

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23% of America is Illiterate [INFOGRAPHIC]

1 in 5 Americans lacks the basic skills beyond a 4th grade level. Furthermore, adult illiteracy costs Americans over $200 billion a year. This infographic is courtesy of Online College Courses.

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Transferring Big Data [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketers are having a moment thanks to a flood of data – socio-demographic, transactional, behavioral, etc. – and are facing unprecedented opportunity to gain insight into customers and prospects but only if they can harness the power of big data. This infographic from Neolane explores Big Data. In 2012 there was a projected 2.7 Zettabytes…that is 2.7 bytes followed by 21 zeroes! 354 billion ...

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5 Hospitality Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

The hospitality industry is growing due largely to embracing new technologies. This infographic courtesy NBRI explores the rise of the most popular trends in hospitality. Here is information from the infographic: 1 in 5 companies in the travel industry use social media for booking. Hyatt Hotels became the first 24/7 Twitter concierge service. Online booking will continue to grow, it is ...

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How to Share on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sharing is caring and Compendium has compiled data to create an infographic to help entrepreneurs and business owners reach their customers. The infographic distinguishes between Business to Business social sharing and Business to Consumer.  Compendium – The Content Marketing Platform

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How Google Search Works [FREE CLASS] [VIDEO] & [INFOGRAPHIC]

Search is powerful and it is the way that customers and clients find information. Google is offering individuals a great opportunity to learn about search and the power of it. This is not the first class on search, but another opportunity to be come a search guru. Google likens the web to a book with millions of pages. The search ...

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Facts You Didn’t Know About The Sex Toys Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

While sex might be considered a taboo topic by some, the sex toys industry is set to match the smartphone sales in the next 1o years due largely to increasing salaries and freedom of women in America. Related Post: Does Sex Still Sell? (via Rescue A CEO) Presented by Adam & Eve – Scandalous facts you didn’t know about sex ...

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Failing Gracefully: Infographic

Being an entrepreneur or small business owner can often be the most difficult thing that a person does in his or her life. To be a successful business owner is even tougher. This infographic is courtesy OnlineMBA.com. Interesting statistics include: Since the mid 90s, small businesses have created 60-80% of new employment The average technology entrepreneur has a middle-class background, ...

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