Driving Sales With Email Marketing: It’s All About The Relationship

There’s a direct correlation between relationships and sales. When your clients trust you, they’re more loyal. When they’re loyal, they buy from you. Loyal customers are supportive customers. Email marketing drives sales through relationships in the inbox. Your email campaign builds connections with new subscribers and retains the trust and loyalty of current ones. Boost your sales by getting friendly ...

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The Lean Startup

Book: The Lean Startup Author: Eric Ries Pages: 336 Twitter Review: Your startup is like a game of chess and The Lean Startup explores how to manage a startup in a very creative, strategic and methodical way. Review: Running a startup is more than just running blindly and throwing things against the wall hoping something will stick. In his book, ...

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How To Use Twitter Hashtags

What is a hashtag and how can it help me? A hashtag is the pound sign (#) followed, without a space, by a word or a phrase.  Twitter uses the hashtag as a way to make posts more searchable.  So, if you have a tweet about your upcoming jewelry sale, and you use #sale #jewelry #jewerlysale or other likely combination, ...

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How To Increase Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs generally work longer hours than employees of their own company and others.  An entrepreneur also has a difficulty walking away from “the job” at the end of the day or taking vacations.  For endurance purposes, making the work environment as comfortable as possible is important – not just ergonomically, but psychologically as well.  One way to do this is ...

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How to Engage and Market to an “Extreme” Audience

Engaging and marketing to the snowboarding audience has evolved accordingly. Now 10 to 50 year olds strap on snowboards with wood core board technology that the snowboarding founders couldn’t have dream of. With such a diverse audience, how do you market to and engage them? The Evolution of the Snowboarding Community – From Wooden Planks to the Olympics Let me start by ...

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5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Study Online

Being an entrepreneur can be tough, but one of the ways that entrepreneurs can cultivate their skills and knowledge is through online education. Starting a business of your own is no simple task. It takes a lot of time and effort to research, evaluate and analyze all of the various aspects of a business start-up. When creating your own business ...

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Don’t Underprice Yourself

Determining the perfect price for your products and services can be difficult, but it will often make the difference between getting a client and losing a client. I’ve been in business for 29 years and I’ve seen it happen again and again: people underpricing themselves in the job market. Their thinking is that if they don’t ask for too much ...

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Keeping Your Business Secure (Book Review)

Book: Business Security: How to Protect Your Small Business Against Fraud, Debtors, Theft, Workplace Violence, and More Author: T.A. Brown Pages: 167 Twitter Review: Often an overlook aspect for business owners, this book offers simple practical ways for target. Review: Published in 2008, this is a book that provides information which  is still current.  Among the topics discussed and evaluated include monitoring employees ...

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Selling Water To A Whale (Book Review)

Book: Selling In Tough Times: Secrets To Selling When No One Is Buying Author: Tom Hopkins Pages: 205 Twitter Review: Due to the economy, this book provides good info on what ‘preneurs need…selling. Review: This book is very simple and easy to ready.  However what makes this book different is that it actually goes through the process and provides tips for ...

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How to choose which entity is right for you? C-corp, S-corp or the LLC?

So which business structure is right for you? Much will depend on how much formality you want. An LLC is great for businesses that want legal protection, but minimal formality — i.e. no exhaustive meeting minutes or addendum filings. It’s also the perfect structure for a start-up who will have foreign owners. An S Corporation is great for a small ...

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