Creative Thinkering (Book Review)

Title: Creative Thinkering; Putting Your Imagination to Work Author: Michael Michalko Pages: 232   NOTABLE QUOTES “Our attitudes influence our behavior, but our behavior also influences our attitude.” “Don’t be the person who sees the sun as a yellow spot in the sky, be the person who sees a yellow spot on a grimy sidewalk as the sun.” “The swirling ...

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Doug Bend – Legal Tips For Entrepreneurs

December 28, 2012: Please Note Doug Bend is the founder of the Bend Law Group, PC formerly known as The Law Office of Doug Bend Special Guest: Doug Bend Business: Bend Law Group, PC Doug Bend Bend is the founder of Bend Law Group, PC, a law firm focused on start-ups and small businesses. He is also the General Counsel for Modify Industries, Inc. and tIFc LLC and ...

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Adding Swagger To An Entrepreneur’s Kitchen

German Lam Top chef turned cooking coach German Lam from Glam Foods motivates people to live better by changing the way they cook and eat. He is a hockey dad who knows what busy is. He believes that food is the fuel that keeps families moving. When they eat well, they can achieve more. German promotes “free style cooking,” which allows for ...

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How To Write A Press Release

Press releases are an excellent way to get noticed by the media and to land on the front page of Google.  There is certainly a craft for writing a successful press release. Paid press releases are not cheap so you want to make sure to get the biggest bang for your buck (keep reading to find out multiple sites where you ...

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Be A Benevolent Dictator (Book Review)

Title: The Benevolent Dictator Author: Michael Feuer and Dustin S. Klein Pages: 254 NOTABLE QUOTES “The difference between success and failure is often simply a matter of getting started” “Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur” “It’s better to be good than just lucky”  “Business is a series of “GO” and “NO-GO” decisions SUMMARY The book is written by two authors ...

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Kim Kardashian’s Lessons In PR

Certainly no one should play with the sanctity of marriage, but PR professionals can take notes and maybe even conduct a case study of how Kim is able to stay in the news. You might have heard that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries aka “Humpdashian” have split and filed for divorce prior to hitting the 100 day mark.  While I ...

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Don’t Just Sit There. Go For It! (Book Review)

Twitter Review: Including motivation, the book gives detailed strategies on sales like how to close and the condition of your vehicle when going to meetings BOOK  INFORMATION  Title: “Go For It! A Practical Guide to Success for Everyone” Author: John J. Tassone Pages: 163 Category: Business and Motivation NOTABLE QUOTES  “faith is a state of mind, and you become what you ...

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Be Bold

Fortune favors the bold. Be bold when others are scared. A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are build for. By definition bold means “beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative.” And that is exactly what we need. During these difficult economic times, that is usually the last thing that entrepreneurs and business ...

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The Ant Learns the Impact of Social Media

In a field one summer’s day the Grasshopper was relaxing with his feet up. In his lap was his laptop and whenever his phone went off he would pick it up while he responded to his Tweet or Facebook comment. The Ant passed by with his large briefcase hoping to knock on doors and visit local businesses. “Sorry, can’t speak ...

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Is Your Business Growing? (Book Review)

Book: Growth or Bust: Proven Turnaround Strategies to Grow Your Business Author: Mark Faust Pages: 222 pages Twitter Review: If your business isn’t booming, @MarkFaustSr provides some “seeds” and nurturing so that your business can start. Review: Some businesses grow, but most don’t.  Talking to any entrepreneur or business owner, they would rather be in the former instead of the latter.  While this book ...

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