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  1. compu-kol


    1. Computer technology and Internet Communications company. “compu” stands for computer technology and “kol,” which is a word that has two meanings, “voice” and “all,” is part of the company name because the message that comes from our clients after we have created their “voice” is all encompassing.

    CompuKol Communications
    Michael Cohn

  2. RE: #26 holymolypress and “Totally American”
    I co-wrote a book called “Totally American” with a psychologist; we use tools from the military combine it with psychology to give a method for getting success in your life. We ask this question: can the ordinary American achieve fulfillment? The answer is yes. Why? Because we’re a can-do culture; we believe in second chances. We believe in new ideas. We believe in persistence.
    Dan Smee
    All great entry’s I forward to checking some of them out!

  3. Interesting article. My business name for my company started locally as an healthy education company and as a chef who knows a lot about food I picked FoodSmart because I teach others how to make smart food choices. Online I operate under and the party plan website I maintain was named after it's purpose. To Create A Cash Flow home party plan Show schedule hence:

  4. The best way to "stretch" your money is to keep more of it yourself !

    THREE BEST TAX TIPS for Everyone
    1) Take the H&R Block Tax Preparer's Course.
    It is offered several times a year in offices in almost every city in America (and some in Canada too, I seem to recall). If you've been intimidated by the IRS publicity about a "big bad audit" you'll learn to take advantage of the provisions of the tax code that apply to you, and you won't lose sleep or wake up in a cold sweat (at least not if you graduate) You could also prepare taxes part time and put a little something away for a rainy day, if you like.
    2) Get an accountant.
    If you are making any money at all, you need an accountant to advise you on the more advanced strategies that aren't taught at H&R Block basic courses, because those are not the rules for partnerships, or corporations or LLC companies. There are lots of ways to save money on taxes (and other places) that only a qualified professional can properly advise you about.
    3) Don't rush to incorporate as a "business".
    There are great advantages in being "in business for yourself" (aka "self-employed") and that is especially true if you've been unemployed so long you no longer can get unemployment benefits, but you do have to do it "as a real business" but you don't have to be a "company", you can be what is termed a "sole proprietorship", this increases your tax preparation complexity, (filling out a Schedule "C") but allows you to deduct legitimate business expenses from your income, like the costs of car maintenance that applies to business use, deduct a portion of your mortgage or rent if you devote a room SOLELY to being your office at home for your business, even if you are employed by a company somewhere else.

    IF you've made a lot of money for the first time this year, be sure to visit my website at as soon as you can AFTER April 15th this year (2011). I'll be happy to recommend an accountant for you, and I'll have both some free tips and some very expensive but very valuable information in a special short report on "How to talk to you Accountant and Save a Fortune — Every year from now on!"

    Stafford "Doc" Williamson
    Winfotech Corp.

    email President [at] winfotech [dot] com

  5. This guest blog was actually written entirely by me, Alana Cash. I have never spoken to Dr. Gary Price nor emailed him. I do not know how HEARpreneur came to assign credit for this article to Dr. Price, as he had absolutely nothing to do with writing it.

  6. As an entrepreneur myself I would like to say that it is extremely important to have a good break from time to time. After I have rest and spend good time with my family I usually increase productivity in several times. So, have good rest and take a break from work periodically!

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