How Do You Come Up With A Business Name? – Part 1

Entrepreneurs have a split second to make an impression. Literally that quick and it’s gone. Usually that opportunity comes when you hear the question “So what’s the name of your business?” It might be a new brand or a marketing plan, but we want to know how did you make that tough decision.  Q: ENTREPRENEURS! HOW DID YOU COME UP ...

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How Do You Stretch Your Money?

Things are tough right now. Entrepreneurs, we want to hear the things you do to save money for your business. How do you make a dollar out of 15 cents? Q: ENTREPRENEURS! HOW DO YOU STRETCH YOUR MONEY? 1. Re-invest in Advertising A: Input a small amount, however you manage to set aside, to pump back into the business for ...

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Are there rules for e-mail writing?

Email Writing Tips It is all too easy to make errors when writing and sending emails. We have all heard horror stories about employees accidentally sending angry emails about their boss, to the boss, as well as stories about emails full of spelling and grammatical errors and misleading information. Here are some tips to make sure that your emails don’t ...

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Technology and Writing- The Amazon Kindle

There is no doubt that technology is changing today’s society. However, some people feel that these changes are for the worse, especially when it comes to technology and the media. These people argue that the advent of computers and the internet will make traditional books and other paper reading materials, such as newspapers and magazines, obsolete. Rather than have the ...

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Exemplary Editor

I am an Exemplary Editor. My work is Worthy of Imitation. Living, breathing, and eating editing with passion and zeal, Attacking every comma, semicolon and misplaced modifier with cold calculation, At all times, simultaneously demanding perfection and executing with pride. Words like weapons used with precision and accuracy. My work is Worthy of Imitation. I am an Exemplary Editor.

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Increase Your Word Power #4

AM/IM comes from the Latin word amare, “to love.” Amiable means “friendly or good-natured,” and amigo is Spanish for “friend.” Amicable:  friendly, peaceful.  Their relations with their in-laws were generally amicable, despite some bickering during the holidays. Enamored: charmed or fascinated; inflamed with love.  Rebecca quickly became enamored of the town’s rustic surroundings, its slow pace, and its eccentric characters. ...

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What Can You Do for Writer’s Block?

Writer’s Block It happens when you least expect it– halfway through the ten page paper that you are writing for your American Literature class, you suddenly run out of steam. You stare at the computer screen for hours, willing the words that you can’t seem to find to magically appear. Time is ticking away, but you can’t seem to move ...

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Increase Your Word Power #3

HOSP/HOST comes from the Latin word hospes and its stem hospit- meaning both “host” and “guest.” Many words based on it came to English through French, which often dropped the -pi-, leaving host-.  Hospitality is what a good host or hostess offers to a guest.  A hospital was once a house for religious pilgrims and other travelers, or a home ...

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Increase Your Word Power #2

PAC/PEAS is related to the Latin words for “agree” and “peace.”  The Pacific Ocean–that is the “Peaceful Ocean”–was named by Magellan because it seemed so calm after the storm near Cape Horn. pacify: (1) To sooth anger or agitation. (2) To subdue by armed action.  (It took the police hours to pacify the angry demonstrators.) pacifist: A person opposed to ...

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What is an interjection? School House Rock Video #8

[youtube=] This School House Rock video explains interjections.

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