Are You The Kobe Bryant Of The Business World?

TITLE: Clutch: Why Some People Excel Under Pressure and Others Don't

AUTHOR: Paul Sullivan

PAGES: 256

SUMMARY: Covers the idea of performance in dire situations, not just sports, but in business, and how pros overcome these life and career defining moments in life.

REVIEW: The book is very well-written as far as language and flow. The chapters tie very well together and make good transitions. It is not presented as an almanac of facts or just throwing numbers in your face; it is well planned with rather plain language. Paul Sullivan gives great examples of “clutchness” and redefines what we think being clutch means. It is not merely an athletic trait, but something we do in our daily lives. It is not something that happens in a 10 second span, but is defined by maintaining discipline through a situation that can last seconds or even months. He delves deep into the various facets of being CLUTCH, by using unconventional examples such as senate hearings, a golf player, a lawyer representing the Government in an anti-trust case, amongst other examples. This is a great guide on how to handle those tough situations and make the right call.  Above all the book shows the importance of discipline in not only the sports world, but ESPECIALLY in business where decisions have a domino effect on a myriad of other people, departments and institutions. The only issue I may have had with the book was it may be quite a light read for the more intellectually sound reader who enjoys the challenge of complex texts, but to someone looking to become a better business person, athlete, doctor or even just a better person, this is a great book.

Stephen Mbugua is an entrepreneur, business man and contributing writer at Hearpreneur.com. He is an avid reader of business books and news related to business topics ranging across various topics.  He is currently studying at Virginia Commonwealth University. 


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